The Painted Heart

Author: Elsa Holland

Pages: 401
Description: They were selling her. It didn’t make any sense. She, Miss Elspeth James, was the governess. She prepared the girls to be selected as Painted Sisters she didn’t become one. And what made it all the worse was that it was to him, that arrogant, cold and infuriating Mr Blackburn. She would have walkout out, left the Hurley twins, her beloved charges and the ridiculous proposal if it wasn’t for one thing. The girls were in danger. Serious danger. There were whispers of secret bidding, astronomical prices for the beautiful tattooed skin minus the girl. One of the girls was being harassed by the Hurley’s nephew. The Hurleys were too old and far too eccentric to see the threat.

If she accepted the deal, had her body tattooed and became Mr Blackburn’s living art, his Painted Sister, she would become a very wealthy woman. Wealthy enough to do something to protect the girls.

The Painted Heart is a dark Victorian Romance with a rickly sensual, gothic feel.
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